Church Fees for Services

Baptisms  - No Fee

Certificate of baptism £14.00

Weddings - Publication of Banns £30.00
                     Certification of Banns if required £14.00
                     Marriage Service £455.00                                                                   

                   Bells (if ringers available) £82.00
                   Choir (if available) £50.00 

Funerals  - Funeral Service in Church £195.00
                  Burial in churchyard following service in church £313.00                     
                  Burial in churchyard of a body on separate occasion £341.00
                  Burial of cremated remains - £162.00                                                                                   Burial certificate, if required at the time £14.00

Organist   -  weddings £70.00 / £120.00 if recorded)

                   funerals £70.00

Fees shown do not included charges for heating, the services of a verger, music (organist or choir), bells and flowers which are fixed by the Parochial Church Council.